Hosted by Dr. Josh Turknett, the Intelligence Unshackled Podcast explores the potential of human intelligence.

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Episode 1: The Unshackling of Human Intelligence
Episode: Hardware & Software
Episode: Subterranean
Episode: Confabulation
Episode: Automaticity
Episode: Modular AND Distributed (MAD)
Episode: Hierarchy
Episode: Mismatch
Episode: Game Level VS. Source Code
Episode: Plasticity
Episode: “Paradoxical” Gains
Episode: The Fastest Snails
Episode: Optimizing the Performance of the Knowledge Worker
Episode: How Cognitive Design Can Shape The Human Experience (Interview with Frank Capek)
Episode: Protecting & Optimizing the Brain’s Hardware, an Overview (conversation with Dr.  Tommy Wood)
Episode: Pioneer of Plasticity, Dr. Michael Merzenich
Episode: The Power of Mathematical Thinking (Interview with Ben Orlin)
Episode: Why You Should Embrace Your Ineptitude
Episode: From Green Beret To Bestselling Author (Interview with Tim Tigner)
Episode: Applying Systems Analysis To Human Health (conversation with Dr. Tommy Wood)
Episode: How To Unshackle Your Memory (Interview with 4 time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis)
Episode: How To Win At Angry Birds: The ancestral paradigm for a therapeutic revolution


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