What is the Brainjo Collective?

The Brainjo Collective is a community of likeminded people interested in furthering our understanding of human brain function, and how to develop and release human potential.


How do I become a member?

You can join the Collective by clicking here, which will take you to the Patreon page. There, you can select your level of support.

Below is the video from the Patreon page:

As a member of the Brainjo Collective you will:


1. Be supporting the ongoing creation of the Intelligence Unshackled podcast.

Putting the podcast together obviously requires time, resources, and expertise. While ads are the more lucrative and conventional way to fund this sort of thing, they are not an option.

Your time and attention are precious commodities, and I have no intention of selling those to anyone. That said, creating a podcast like this requires time and money, including many hours spent research and preparation for an hour’s worth of material.

Money on books for research, as well as the services that host and deliver this digital content. Also, ad-free content is doubly important when it comes to matters of health, an area where conflicts of interest make it exceedingly hard to find trusted, unbiased information.


2. Become part of the private, expert moderated Elite Cognition forum AND the Elite Performance forum.

It’s an incredible time to be a curious person. For lifelong learners who never stop asking questions, the number of resources for researching those answers has exploded in the last decade.

Yet, while the amount of accessible high quality information has grown exponentially, so has the amount of low quality information – at an even greater rate.

There’s more signal than ever before, but even more noise. This ever diminishing signal to noise ratio has placed a premium on filters. Filters that can separate the signal.

The Elite Performance and Cognition Forums are design to be those filters, to function as your “Team of Advisors” on all matters pertaining to the health and function of the brain and body.

Those experts include myself (Dr. Turknett) and Dr. Wood, along with the rest of the team at Nourish Balance Thrive – it’s the ultimate 2 for 1 deal. And for those unfamiliar with Nourish Balance Thrive, or NBT, they are at the leading edge of health and wellness, using the latest diagnostic tools combined with proprietary machine learning algorithms to optimize the performance of elite level athletes around the world. And because they are at the forefront of this growing and essential movement in human health, they are my own personal filter as well for matters of health and wellness outside of the brain.

So together, the Elite Cognition and Performance forums can serve as a one stop shop for trusted, unbiased information on optimizing the mind and body. 

Inside the forum, we’ll dig deeper into all things related to cognitive neuroscience, brain health, and human potential.

It’ll also be a place to discuss the finer points of leveraging the brain’s capacity for change to learn music.

You’ll also receive exclusive, members-only content, including the Intelligence Unshackled Academy course materials. The course is currently in progress, and you’ll receive each unit as its completed.


3. Receive the Intelligence Unshackled Academy course materials.

The Academy is a course designed to equip you with the knowledge and habits needed to improve cognitive performance, and maximize the protection of your brain against degeneration, dysfunction, and disease.

Each month, a new video in the course materials will be released, along with supplementary materials (including test questions!), which you will have access to.


4. Receive the Elite Cognition Digest.

The Digest is a recurring newsletter which will include links to the latest news and research in the fields of brain health and cognitive performance.


5. Be supporting and contributing to the broader Intelligence Unshackled mission

That mission is to create an operating manual for the brain,to better understand ourselves, and to better understand the conditions for us to thrive and achieve lasting well being.


6. Have my undying appreciation.

Seriously, your support means the world, and is inspiring, motivating, and humbling.


Who is the Brainjo Collective for?

The Brainjo Collective is right for you if:

  • You are a lifelong learner.
  • You are fascinated by human brain function and want to be part of our quest to understand it.
  • Protecting the health and function of your body and brain is a top priority.
  • You want to learn more about how to get the most out of your cognitive abilities and performance – and help those you live and work with do likewise.
  • You’d like to have your own Team of Advisors of experts in health, medicine, wellness, cognitive and physical performance.
  • You value expert, trusted, and unbiased information on matters of health.
  • You want to build a better world where all people flourish and thrive.
  • You want to stay up to date with the latest research in this area, but don’t have the time or expertise to sift through all of it.
  • You’d like to connect with others who are just as interested in these things as you are.


What kind of topics will we explore?

With a mission of understanding how to develop and realize human potential, the areas we cover will be broad ranging in scope. Some of the subjects we’ll be exploring on the podcast and inside of the Elite Cognition forum include:

  • Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience
  • Evolutionary biology and ancestral health
  • Functional and integrative medicine
  • Clinical neurology
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Brain imaging
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Creativity
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Accelerated learning
  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Alzheimer’s prevention
  • Preventative medicine


How does the Brainjo Collective work?

After you register on Patreon, you will then be sent a link with login information for the private Elite Cognition and Elite Performance forum. You will also be added to the Brainjo Collective mailing list, where you’ll receive the Elite Cognition Digest, along with other members-only content.

So if you like to geek out on Cognitive Neuroscience, and the optimization of brain health and function, I’d love to have you.