Hosted by Dr. Josh Turknett with recurring guest host Dr. Tommy Wood of Nourish Balance Thrive, the Intelligence Unshackled Podcast explores the potential of human intelligence, and how to release it through the enhancement, protection, and optimization of brain health and function.

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Episode 1: The Unshackling of Human Intelligence
Episode: Hardware & Software
Episode: Subterranean
Episode: Confabulation
Episode: Automaticity
Episode: Modular AND Distributed (MAD)
Episode: Hierarchy
Episode: Mismatch
Episode: Game Level VS. Source Code
Episode: Plasticity
Episode: “Paradoxical” Gains
Episode: The Fastest Snails
Episode: Optimizing the Performance of the Knowledge Worker
Episode: How Cognitive Design Can Shape The Human Experience (Interview with Frank Capek)
Episode: Protecting & Optimizing the Brain’s Hardware, an Overview (conversation with Dr.  Tommy Wood)
Episode: Pioneer of Plasticity, Dr. Michael Merzenich
Episode: The Power of Mathematical Thinking (Interview with Ben Orlin)
Episode: Why You Should Embrace Your Ineptitude
Episode: From Green Beret To Bestselling Author (Interview with Tim Tigner)
Episode: Applying Systems Analysis To Human Health (conversation with Dr. Tommy Wood)
Episode: How To Unshackle Your Memory (Interview with 4 time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis)
Episode: How To Win At Angry Birds: The ancestral paradigm for a therapeutic revolution


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